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Handiwork: How to Pose Hands

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What to do with your model’s hands is the one thing most photographers and their models get flustered with. Hands can feel like the leftovers of a pose but giving your models relaxed and natural looking hand poses is going to make your portraits look really polished. In fact, skillful hand placement is one of the abilities that separate an experienced photographer from a beginner.

How to pose hands

I can remember, back in my assisting days, we used to hire professional hand models to hold objects for advertising shots. Their hands were truly beautiful with long elegant fingers and perfect soft flawless skin that made everything they held look really expensive.

Sadly, not everyone you photograph will be born with these kinds of hands so here are a few things to keep in mind when photographing hands.

  1. Clean nails are a must. I always ask my models to at the very least have clean nails and clear nail polish for women.
  2. If your model is wearing makeup on their face, remember to add a bit of bronzer to hands, as nothing looks worse than hands that are three shades lighter or darker than rest of body or face.
  3. Watch out for clenched hands, which is a common instinct to help with nerves but it doesn’t photograph well!

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Model Credit: Jonathan Newton. A great hand pose for men is to hold their hands as if they are holding a pen or to ask them to pretend they are twirling a ring on their little finger.

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Business Chicks Ceo, Emma Isaacs, Arms crossed in front of a female model looks more elegant but make sure you balance the shot with both hands showing to give the body language a more open feel. Get your model to only lightly touch their arms when they are crossed.

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Model Credit: The Cast of Fat Tony/image courtesy Nine Network Australia

Giving your model something to do with their hands helps create a natural looking pose. Putting hands in pockets, doing up buttons or rubbing hands together can all create a natural pose for hands.

Hands hair

Model Credit_ Mimi Elashiry on location, Sacre Coeur , Paris. Playing with strands of hair or running hands through hair. This works for male and female models.

Hands HIPS

Model Credit Shareena Clanton/Foxtel ( left) Piperlane (right). For female models, placing their hands on their hips can create an optical illusion of a smaller waist.

Hands chin

Model Credit Rachael Lever

Hands chin2

Model Credit Shareena Clanton/Foxtel

When asking models to rest their hands on their face or their bodies, ensure they are only lightly touching with their hands so they don’t distort the face or body. Hands look best when they are photographed side-on as it reduces their size.

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Hands 007

Model credit: Lester Ellis/Nine Network Australia

This “soccer goalie” pose is a classic “go to” pose for most men when they are not given any direction. This is a sign that they are feeling vulnerable and insecure and, thus protecting their masculinity. There are many alternatives to the soccer goalie pose. Try asking your model to place hands in pockets, hanging them from belt hoops, or pretending to adjust an item of clothing.

Group White

When posing groups, I like to ask each of my models to do something different with their hands because I think it makes the portrait look more dynamic.

What are your techniques for posing natural looking hands? If there is anything I may have missed? I’d love to hear from you.

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